Workforce Housing in Charlotte, NC

It’s no secret that finding an affordable place to rent in Charlotte can be difficult. That’s why Pinehurst on Providence is a proud member of Workforce Housing in Charlotte, NC. This program is designed to assist residents who live and work in Mecklenburg County. See below for more information!

This page is for individuals seeking more information regarding Workforce Housing in Charlotte, NC. Please contact a leasing professional regarding availability.

Workforce Housing is, according to the National Association of Realtors, housing that “can be reasonably afforded by a moderate to middle income” person and “critical workforce” that’s “located in acceptable proximity to workforce centers.” Given the median household income in Charlotte, workforce housing in Charlotte, NC must meet the criteria of the households that fall within a specific range in order to be affordable. Workforce housing is designed to help working households afford to live in Mecklenburg County by being strategically placed nearby employment centers and transportations options, avoiding long, expensive commutes from further away. In short, the Pinehurst can help you live near where you work – and spend less time on the road!